Thursday, January 22, 2009

Let's listen to my song...

Here is my Khmer song I wrote. This version is home-made, and it is the first draft of my music. Hopefully, I can get some comment to improve on this little piece.

Title: តើបងជាជំរើសទីប៉ុន្្មាន? What is your choice?
Co-Producer: Singachea 'n' Samuth

I. បងគិតដល់អូន តែស្ងួនអូនគិតអ្នកផេ្សង
តើបងជាបុរស ទីប៉ុន្មានក្នុង ចិត្តស្រី?

II. អូនប្រាប់ថាអូនសេ្នហ៍បង តែទោះជាច្រើនរយដង បងនៅតែឆ្ងល់
តើសេ្នហ៍នោះជាសេ្នហ៍ពិត រឺយ៉ាងណា?

R. សូមស្រីប្រាប់ឲ្យត្រង់
សូមកល្យាណ មេត្តាជួយផ្តល់ចំលើយសេ្នហ៍ កុំលាក់លាម
ហេតុអ្វីស្រីអូន ធ្វើយ៉ាងនេះ?

III. លួចសួរខ្លួនឯង តើថៃ្ងណាអូនជារបស់បង?
ក្នុងចិត្តបងព្រួយភ័យ ខ្លាចថៃ្លបានទៅគេ

ឱ! មាសមេ អូនដឹងទេ បងឥឡូវ គិតមិនយល់
រកស្មានមិនត្រូវពីជំរៅចិត្ត មាសស្ងួន។។

Rate: 5/5 :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Just a Word for YOU.....

You always say to me with a smile but why tonight you are different. I am not sure what I have done wrong. Maybe I can't see it clearly by myself. You know I never hurt anyone and especially girls to whom you advise me to respect and be good. Definitely, I always do like what you told me. Every word you have said I keep in my little heart. But I realized the first woman I hurt just now was YOU. I really want to say sorry, but you say it's too late and what the heck you can do with the word SORRY. Maybe it is fate! And you call me boy even though I look quite old. Why? when you meet the heat-point of your life you could not bear, and then you blame fate. I tell you the last time, Look at yourself. You leave me alone right now...

You should have listened to my reasons before you walked away from me. Now I can't see your shadow that is always by me when I'm down, and even your tears falling down because of me disappear...I just want to stand in front of you and say all the words in my mind to you, but I can't cos I feel I'm not strong and brave enough to do it. Now what I can do is just to write my words down in the paper that you wont read. This may be the lyric of my song I sing along to show my feeling deep inside of me. Tell the truth I almost cry when I was writing this. But luckily my tears did not fall down. No matter how the tears were falling down inside my heart. I'm not crying...You told me you are a man, don't let your tears fall down...yes I'm not crying...It's just inside my heart...

“Cold Inside”

Sometimes, I feel I go too far but I realize I’m not with you.

Sometimes, I feel I get lost ‘cos I don’t have any aspiration.

But the truth is you that appear inside my eyes to give me strength and inspiration.

You are like a golden compass of my life.

You will make it all for me…

Life without you is just non-sense.

I really need you right here.

Every breath I take is just because of you.

You will be the one who I call my hero.

You are in my fragile heart ever…

May you hear me now, my angel?

The darkness’s just clouding me for a while.

You will be the one who takes it all from me.

I see you won’t let me drown in the shadow of massive rain.

I’m not afraid to let you take my hands…

Monday, January 5, 2009

Don't know what to say....

អនុស្សាកាលឆ្នាំមុន និង សំលេងស្រែកច្រៀង​ karaoke េបស់ខ្ញុំពេលចិត្តសោកសៅ ស្រណោះណាស់ពាក្យម៉ាក់និយាយ តែខ្ញុំមិនស្តាប់ ទើបតែឥឡូវ ភ្ញាក់ដឹងខ្លួន តែជ្រុលពេលទៅហើយ។ ហាហា ដូចជាកំសត់ រ៉ូម៉ាទិច អីម្លេះទេ...
Enjoy my singing!

Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm Back!!!

Just want to share with you guys, my new stuff:) here it goes...
First, a short video I did last year.

Second, I'd like to introduce you to my movie story I am going to make in the future hehehe But the question is when is my future...? Just learn to ask a question :)
The movie based on the true experience of the author and plus his imagination...

Third, I'm advertising myself that I'm composing a music and writing a song. So if you are interested. Please. Keep waiting, I'm sure it gonna rock, rock n rock hahaha.
The first Album I'm going to produce is " You 'n' Me", in Khmer " ខ្ញុំ និង អ្នក " consisting of Khmer 'n' English songs: It's all about Love, Life and Love hahaha...
The song I wrote and like the most...
1. តើបងជាជំរើសទីប៉ុន្មាន ( What is Your Choice?)

2. ស្រីម្នាក់ ( A Girl)
វិនាទីនៃបេះដូង ( A Second of My Heart)
Some more....genre : Acoustic Rock...

All products in Sampoch Production (Secret agent :)

Share with you later, now just take some time to enjoy my stuff....

2. Movie Line!

The story begins in the poor village, but happily with nice and helpful neighbors. There are two sons in a family with a chronically sick mother. The big brother takes all responsibility he bears since he was born. At the young age, both brothers enjoyed learning martial art, history, and other school subjects. As time passed by, the big brother realized he has to work harder to support his brother to go to high school and his mother's medication while he continued doing his study for Medicine University. The brother fortunately got the scholarship to enter the university. He was dreaming to write a master piece so as to help other poor people and even his hometown man. He believed he can help those unfortunate people who are struggling with their lives through life time such as health problem, and family issues. But all of his dreams were killed and burned into the ground when he faced with a really big challenging in his life. He was answering one big question he doesn’t want to hear or maybe other people don’t want to. The question is “Who Killed My Younger Brother?” At the end of the day, he decided to quit school and tried to give the right answer and to do something right for himself or for others. He started to relearn his martial skills so that he could defeat all those evil-minded guys…the story goes all the way down…with the title "កំហឹងឈាមរាវ" “YOUTH”S WRATH”, Khmer movie, Action, drama, Adventure...

Author: The youngster...