Sunday, November 12, 2006

When I was in Culture day at IFL

Did the guy wearing glasses dress properly for this Culture day?Was he valuing down Khmer cultures? Hey man, you were committing some kind of fallacies if your answer was Yes. One could not affect a huge one but seriously for many, so it's better to take eyes on this. To me, maybe he wanted to become a stranger to turn other's attentions to glance at him, was it a good way to do so man? Or he didnt have such proper dress for that ceremony, let's say he was a poor guy. So then, What was the Culture day? Well, it takes longer time to go through Khmer cultures, one of the most oldest and flourishing cultures around the world. This Culture day is just the ceremony to show some parts of Khmer cultures and to gather lecturers, students, and staffs around the campus to have more fun, closer relationship and a gentle reminder of their own culture which is being influenced by foriegn culture flow. What will the next generation do to better sort of things? Let's see..." Action is louder than speakin."

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