Monday, July 2, 2007

Oh really shocked!!!

Today I read the kohsantepheapdaily newspaper, I saw my senior and my CameoR Friends' picture on the news . I 'm really shocked but luckily it's good news not bad one. Hmmmm... feel so happy that what you did could become good things . See ...Then keep it up man! It's about Preavihear Temple becoming the world heritage of 2008. Proud of you guys...More detail go to this:

Just talking about the pic a bit. According to the News, it's said these youths are so happy to visit the temple...hehehe why are they confused? I guess they are not youth haha a bit damn old, that's why they just made it black and white for this pic. If not so, you'll see the oldness inside them...:p But I mean the oldness of their mindset...kekeke..... I'm also in! Be so proud to born as KHMER

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