Friday, January 4, 2008

Hey ya manAboy...

Hey boy this is the year 2008, what the hell you are still sleeping with a piece of a crappy blanket in the LaSi Five Moon Hotel of Hell of yours. You remember!
What is in your hand now? And what the hell are you going to do with this? Think about it. Make a choice for this wonderful n shiny year which most people are enjoying happily. Don't waste too much time rolling back your bike again with unknown direction. You get it.

Ya man, I understand but it's hard for me to say it out. I just know that time flies non-stop and so fast and I can't turn it back. So I just have to prepare for the coming day n night.

It's commonsense. What the heck you just keep saying the same thing again, boy. Got me!

Okay, relax man don't be too rush on that. I keep holding on.


Oh yeah, just go back to the start?

What the...?

I keep it in my mind. I'll do it.
But just take a listen to my favorite song I've listened non-stop for almost a week. I learn from that song too. I'll show you man when I can play it accurately.

Good boy, But remember! You feel me.
Yeah I feel almost everything now even though I'm too old to feel about love stuff or sth most people likely teenagers talking. But ya now I just feel it better.

What...oh what you feel. I mean You feel me saying to you.

Yeah right but I feel not only you but that too, what I mean.
Just calm down man okay. Then listen to it...

Hey what it called, boy? It's called " Say it to me now"

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