Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just A Dream...

This was just a dream. Why you seem to be scared? No, I'm just wondering whether it comes true or not! Most people may think some of their dreams come how? And how about my dream! let's see.

No more music to listen at night like what I sometimes do but it is a manly soft voice near me. Oh what! hey where is it? who are you? And what are you talking about? I don't get you.

Boy, how can you know me if I haven't shown my face to you. Okay, you don't have to know me but you just listen to me . I have something to talk with you.

I'm sorry old man, opps....should I call you that. Okay, actually I want to but I don't have time.
Hey wait! why are you in a hurry. Just take a few minutes. Okay I'll tell you what, you've been invaded, don't you know?

Invade what? I don't have anything to be lost. Huh, you don't even know what you have been losing. You are a son of a so called "Gold Land", which most people now call a " war-torn land".

Oh yeah, I know that from my father but I still don't get what you've just said.
Well. if you don't defend yourself, you will lose everything. And if you still don't know what you do and what you will prepare for what's happening, you will be in a big risk ruining yourself.

But em...I am so weak and fearful that I can't do anything big to protect myself. I just want to live peacefully and happily ever.
Hey man, how can you live in such a world if you are not yourself?

Oh definitely, I am myself.
Hmm, you just said you're weak and fearful but you bear a blood of a glory land. That's why, I say you don't know yourself.

If I know myself, so what can I do? I still have no clues....

Remember, son, you have to know yourself clearly, to reunite with your same blood men, to be strong in what you are doing, to dare to move on together, and to take responsibility as a name of " A Glory Of Gold Land!" if you want to live in such a peaceful world you wish for. But, however, there is no perfect world for mankind because they are so ambitious and greedy.

So what then? hey wait, wait...where you go, old man?

Walking alone back to the place where I don't really sure it is, I think to myself, how can human be like such a greedy and selfish creature? Don't they want to have a peaceful and happy world? Why do they need to get suffering, fears, revenge, and no-sense and evil thought?

Where can I live?
Heck, kinda emotional! Be strong, man...hey where am I now? it seems there is only me in this land. Oh no, it's not land. what's that? It's at the top of a mountain! How can I live? I will be killed soon, oh I want a peaceful and happy world......

Waking up time! That's it....

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