Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hot Glance Today...

What is Cameo? It means a minor part played by a prominent performer in a single scene of a motion picture or a television play. Then 4 truly gentlemen gathered to add another word more R. And now it becomes CAMeoR, the 2007's boy band. We have chosen this name due to not only its meaning but also its sounds like Khmer since we are all Cambodians who never ever forget our own land of birth. So what all of you need to do next is that writing down this band's name: CAMeor in your note book, and then you will be surely surprised by that. It's easy; believe me! Something will happen when you finish writing it down. If you don't try, so how do you get to know it? Then, Don't wait for so long while you still are alive...:) Well, That's all I wanna say. Just introduce this CAMeor band to you guys who love music and other arts, and for those who are not interested in it to feel free to get feeling of entertainment from these CAMeor boys. Oh, you might wonder who they are. Okay, there is not a big deal. Let me introduce our names.

DaRith, SoThun, & SaMuth
This was our first performance during KNY at Cam Embassy, but anyway we were sorry to uncle Minh Sothyvann who couldn't make music for our songs cos these were new melody and new style that made it hard for him to play to fit our songs. Actually, we should have those kind of music stuff by ourself, but they are a bit expensive, so we couldn't afford now. For sure, sooner or later we will buy those stuff. By the way, thank for Sothun, you have done a great job, man. Keep it up! All can make it happen!

CAMeor's Crazy Style with gentle inside !!! Yo, Yo, Yo...

SoThun(Sth), Panha, & SaMuth( All truly Gentle)

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