Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Being alone but feel not lonely

Well, after a wonderful trip to Thailand and Laos with my ever cool friends, I just wanna write some piece of my memories of the trip and a moment of happiness, but I felt not so well to write about it. I think it was a very unforgettable event. So I should wait until my feeling good and for the photo from my friends too cos now m alone here and they all went back home lolz. And then I'll start to write good piece mixing with romantic scenario as well...:p. Anyway, I did another thing besides getting the ideas down which was playing guitar all day and trying to find a melody for my band's songs too. I could not find a good one now cos I just know several chords and techniques. Then I started to practice myself those kinds of chords with some techniques through my own songs and my friend's songs that we had written.

I found that practice your own songs maybe help you learn the chords and move your hands faster even though it is not conventional but just the sake for getting used to it. So if you interested in playing guitar too, you can learn these songs that I post here with basic chords lolz....Okie too much to say....you maybe bored of this.

Here are some songs, kind of folk and rock styles that I practiced
Actually, this song is my friend's poem, and then I made it as a song singing along with guitar.

Song written by: Pahna, Harryman
Music by: SaMuth, Youngster:)

It's called My Grandpa's tale


The sun went to bed down there far west;

The stars sprang forth to take their thrones;

The moon stood tall like it’s the best;

We settled on our bench of stones.

My grandpa, with me by his side,

Took out his book and turned the page;

Read out aloud with joy and pride;

Oblivious to the winter’s rage.

He read me tales of men and beasts;

Of all the heroes, strong and bold.

He then spoke of the hunters’ feasts;

How they dined off plates made of gold.

He kept reading through the cold night;

And on his lap my head would drop.

Oh goodness, what a warm delight!

I really wished he’d never stop.

G & D
I closed my eyes and he brought me
To my small bed on which I lain
Till the sun came up over the sea
O, how I longed for night again!

One more song by using basic chords with unconventional strumming pattern...kind of Rock

"Youth and Hope"

When I am young and strong and full of verve
And nothing in the world seems to worry;
I start to wonder what’ll become of me,
If my existence will have justly served.

Just as a bird needs a strong assured nest,
I yearn for a person full of tender care,
A being whose heart is like the snow, fair.
Till I get that wish I will never rest.

She is someone to whom I can whisper,
With whom I share my thought, watch the sunset.
Though I’m not sure if with her I have met,
Time comes, I’ve a tale for the grim reaper.

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