Thursday, August 16, 2007

Three brothers in performance

When I was in Cam, there was nothing much to do besides hanging out from dawn till dark:D like a hard working person. Surprisingly, my second brother asked me to make a video with him as a memory. He needed one star to perform in the video. Well of course, as he wanted to be a star then I tried to help him. " Give some techniques to him...".

It's all about the song show. We just shoot ourself and make a video with the most presently popular songs. No train, No rehears, & No money too. You might get used to good videos with trained performers. So now maybe you need to try different things. Well, here we are. We did only one shot and did naturally. "We feel we like it and then we just do it." Anyway, we did this just for fun but my brother wanted to try to be well-known. He added on that everyone needs to be famous(នរណា...ក៏ចង់ល្បីដែរ). Thus he said he wanted to sell the video. Yeah, I'd like to give a big thank for some of my friends supporting us. Do enjoy yourself and sorry for any inconvenience. Here is our poster...

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