Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pre-Christmas Walking Testing???

What should it be called ? So sweet huh...My dudes, 2 Laos Vs. 2 CamBodia
(Oh thanks for a presumably hot gal who took this pic for us:)
Handsome, gentle n lucky guy accompanying with two gals behind( sorry for not having a license from you to post this pic but frankly I love this pic, dude, I mean I like the pic:)

Mr.Lonely...deeply money.....
(Yeah I still remember the Khmer style in 1950s like what I have shown:)

A Big Christmas tree!
Sweet couple sweet.....I wish it could be me there:)


Y.S.P. said...

No need to ask for license dude :) Hey, our F4 photo is not too bad after all. The lady did a pretty good job...

youngster said...

yeah that's right:)