Sunday, November 4, 2007

My thought on this book...

As the book is trying to talk about the transition to Democracy in Cambodia and its development, let me throw away my little thought here.

Firstly, I think that democracy is probably good tool to solve some consequences happening in the country and if it is correctly implemented, there would yield good results for society as a whole. I just believe in " More thoughts, More improvement and More is better than alone" in my word.

However, the improvement of democracy in Cambodia is like a ship that has cruised out a long journey full of challenges, which is not over yet. A long way of genuine democracy in a country needs to be responded by all people within the country especially the government with the supporting from international communities to make this path go smoothly and successfully. This is not easy yet it is not difficult. The government has to act properly and try the best to reach the potential solutions dealing with political violence, corruption, and lack of resources, in particular human resources which are the factors to build up the democracy. Good governance is the main important thing that the government has to commit to do so as to strengthen the rule of law and firmly implement and enforce existing laws. Hopefully, all Cambodian people will understand the concept of democracy fully and will be able to apply it into reality in that as democratization of the country is truly accepted, the people have rights to participate in political and economic decision in the sense of developing the nation’s economy.

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