Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Book written by Grant Curtis!

Here is the book I should read. Why?

First of all, it's for the purpose of writing my report.

Secondly, I just wanna know more about my lonely Cambodia. Yeah this book lets me realize some parts of History of Cambodia in terms of political, social problems, economy, and what more to know. Before I read this book, I think that Cambodia is just a lonely planet with full of happiness( probably fake or not I'm not sure). And It's just " very much" corrupted country. there are so many good people do good things! Crimes are not so much important problems for they are considered as minor things to solve, thus it's delayed to take a step combating this undesirable social issue. Safety is not the main concern and you can travel wherever you want as long as you can hold on. Poverty is reducing time to time since some poor people die due to starvation, bad health care, and other things related. It just sounds joking. Actually, Cambodia's economy is increasing annually and it's expected that poverty will be reduced much more since we could get benefits from oil resource. Hope it'll turn out well for the nation. And while reading the book, I feel like there are a lot of interesting stuff to know as well. Of course, It's perhaps a good book for law students or social science scholars who want to research more and who are bookworm or sth.

Oh yeah, next, I just want to improve my reading skill with those difficult texts. Somehow, it makes my brain hurt but not my heart, haha.

Last but not least, I just take it as my sleeping pill for some time. Laying down n reading n sleeping n dreaming of something. Good!

By the way, if I say something wrongly or misunderstood, please just correct me because I'm too young and my knowledge is still less or may be sucky (it's just a terminology).