Saturday, February 9, 2008


I've just heard during Chinese New Year in Cambodia, it turns out that those many Khmer
( a little Chinese blood or not at all) get drunk. I'm not really sure what this sentence is all about but now I quite understand you know:)

Peace n Happiness!


Khemara Phoumirak េខមរា ភូមិរក្ស said...

hey dude... when and from where did you claim back the 5km2? oh u noe wat, regarding the drinking thing, i think that's the reason why cambodia lost a big chunk of its territory. u dun drink too much, okie!

youngster said...

Okay sir, I know now. I'll not do it again(once a year it may be okay but not too much:).

Oh yeah here just what I want to say all truly Khmer who used to get drunk please stop being "drunk" by any means. Of cos when you get drunk you'll be weak physically n mentally and so you are not sure what is on your mind. Thus it turns out that you drunkard will forget "something" which others want to take advantages from. Yeah like what you raised it just "minor" problem we've faced until now. And other problems due to drunk, i think,are robbing, raping,chaos, n sometimes these drunkards are so brave to fight each other friends, brothers, sisters n the ones from the same nation with just a small problem while drinking for its own evil pride,n these may lead to a lot crimes. But when "other" come those guys are SO coward till pee is out and dare not to stand against them thinking bad on those drunkards. AND so please wake up! I'm not teaching but just give suggestion cos i don't have an ability to teach but in the name of brotherhood and nationhood it's hard to blind my eyes.

Be good for something, sir.......