Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What a beautiful morning, Cambodia, to me!

With a splendid sunshine this morning, I’m sitting alone on the bench after doing exercise near the river side. It is such a great feeling to absorb the fresh air and fly my romantic emotion with this kind of view. For a while I feel that I see something.
Oh it is a girl walking toward me. Oh yeah, now my heart that was just mixed up with the moment of romance turns to focus on another thing along with an unusual beating…

Her eyes are as bright as diamond and her body is as slim as a super star as well as her smiley and sweet looking face. Her smile costs me almost my concentration because when she smiles her teeth shine as brightly as a star. Oh man what a beautiful! She walks like a fashion model. What almost blinds my eyes is her skin as white as a snow white. Definitely, it takes my breath away………

As she almost approaches me, my heart is beating like a fukcing fast train. And then she stares at me and says why are you looking at me like this?
And I reply quickly, so how should I look at you, though?
She’s still staring at me and says again, I…used to know you, didn’t I?
I say, er…oh yeah I think so! Ya wouldn’t you want to sit here for a while and talk?
Yeah of course, it’s like a long lost friend. It is better we have a chit chat here. I think I’m free. Then both smile……….

I start popping up many questions in my mind. I’m thinking what I should ask and talk with her. Should I ask her where she lives and her phone number or something? Looking into her eyes for a while…..
And then I ask, “Do you love me…” A pause, she slaps my face sounding blach blach….
She says do you think I am such a kind of that person huh, boy? What the hell are you talking about? I have been already attached, you know? Immediately after that I respond, oh no I mean do you love me as a friend? Why you don’t listen till the end….

Uh-oh, is that so? I’m sorry for that.
Gentlemanly reply, I say it’s okay. Don’t worry! Forget about it. I forgive you and I smile. But should you give me a compensation for your mistake?
She says shyly with her wonderful smile, what do you want then?
Ya can I kiss you?( Almost one more slap) No I’m kidding.
She smiles and says why you didn’t ask me for the first time.
Are you serious?
Then, sounding blach blach unlike before………


duongchan said...

Haha, that's funny! Is the story about yourself?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful romance and humor!


youngster said...

Thanks for liking!
Well I wish it wasn't my story:)