Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Why is it hard just to say those three words with the ones you should say to? But when it’s time to say it almost too late because the person you need to talk with is too bored of waiting for. With what reason do you have to keep this for that long? You have to say it when you feel you want to. Don’t try to ignore, man! Well now it’s Valentine’s Day which is the day to express the feeling of love and care to the ones you have belonged to like family, the lover(s), friends, and others to be loved.

To me I have rarely expressed those three words verbally to the ones I should say to. Now I’m so regretful that I make them feel not so close to me because of my behavior and shyness to say that. Why can I just open my mouth and say it? Thinking twice on this again, I realize that I have to change and give these bunches of love to them. I need to do something right now.

You know family is like your vein. You do need them all the time to keep you alive and to get more warmth, happiness, love, and great emotion in life. Why do you seem to walk away and not to look back and take care of them? Oh man, you have to realize that the most wonderful and peaceful "smiles" from your family is one of the most priceless things which is hard to find and buy. Would it be nice that you just tell them by those three words and do something happy during the best time of the year? Give more love to them equally and whole-heartedly…….

And I think friends are like the string attached to a kite. It is impossible to live just alone. Accompanying, gathering and guidance with all kinds of smiles are what friends can make. Likewise, the kite needs the string to support its flight and direction. If there is no string attached with, then the kite cannot be flown or if it flies, it will be absolutely blown away by power of the wind and thus this kite doesn’t have any direction to go. It looks like no more fun and consequently this kite must be so fearful whether it falls into the ocean or somewhere unknown that no one can approach. And I guess making more friends might be good. If I was asked to choose 100,000 dollars or get a good friend, I will definitely get a good friend even though I have to face with eating second rice with fried egg all the time.

Born to love unconditionally and to be loved!

About the lover is what your heart’s always asking for. You need to sacrifice time and everything, I guess. I shouldn’t go further on this because I don’t have much experience to tell about this fact. I’m afraid I will confuse somebody who has been playing with this game of love or who is solving with this equation of love. I’d better do some more research in case I misunderstand.

With these, I end my feeling of this day of love with my simple song I just wrote on this valentine's day. This melody is kind of out of beat because I'm not professional but I just made it for expression of my feeling anyway. It's just for fun.....hope you enjoy.
It's called " Pain Inside"


SAMBO Samphors said...

Wow... you are good! Keep going!

youngster said...

hehe thanks for ur interest:)