Saturday, May 5, 2007

Becoming more doubtful...

Oh yeah, today having played a friendly soccer match with the ever one to one team, I felt I had some delight with some sort of tiredness, and then with a full-open-mouth square table talk with all soccer members my feeling increased to higher level of happiness. But coming home, I did a shower with alone singing, and after practicing my guitar stuff, I took a newspaper Financial Time to browse all the pages. Actually, I haven't read news for so long, and just this time I got feeling strange to pick it up again. I read some topics and for a while I saw one topic about the pursuit of happiness. I started to look over it and read through the pages. Oh what a shock! one phrase made me doubtful. It is said that delightfully, science now confirms what women know--never trust a man can't or won't dance. So what is the connection between Trust and Dance? Does dancing prove all the shadow inside a man? I am too young to get these ideas down to think of this matter. So if anybody has some thought, kindly voice out your opinions so that I also can learn. And then it will become also pro or anti the author point of view. However, I feel a bit fine with this idea as I am planning to take Hip-Hop dancing course next term, so I can even show that I am trustful to all ladies(No big deal...Hehe:).
No doubt man, go ahead doing it!

Well, here is the detail of the story if you keen on this topic just click on the above topic's title.


dms_davy said...

if you like to know about this,i better ask where is the girl come from? If they are from europ, that maybe right, but for our country that may abit different, it's not the question of believing or beeing trustful, but it's our traditional that everyone at our country love to dance. You may look cooler when you can dance right? you should know it yourself.right? then learn it well, and show us sometime!!

Roger Hufct said...

I write country songs. My format
is like the older country of the
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I play the guitar without note,
ear basically, but I do have a
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and stop.

I've play in bands overf the [past 40 years and can do the
job. I think I sing good too.

Anonymous said...

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