Friday, May 25, 2007

Soccer matter...

Surprisingly, Cambodia is becoming the host for the Under-age 17 Asian Football Competition during 19 August to 1 September.
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But I am abit sad that I couldn't have a chance to cheer our soccer team since I will be having class in that time, Damn bad! Hopefully, Cam team could show more abilities to play better than the previous years on this occasion cos most Cambodians who fan for football will cheer them up. And on behalf of soccer fans, I dont want to hear thing again and over again that IT JUST FOR EXPERIENCE cos WE just a " Young". We should admit what we have and should not try to avoid many times (just like a fool). Yeah we need time to build on it. Wish we have " a good chance." However, my regret was faded away when I heard that my youngest brother who is in the national team of Cam soccer under age 15 going to have a match for Southeast Asian Football Festival Competition from 5 to 9 June 2007 in Malaysia . There are 12 countries to attend this competition( including Australia). Excitedly, I would go to cheer his team if i would have time. But I think I should go to support them so that they have more motivation to win a match!( i guess there maybe no supporter for them cos it is probably that there is no much focus for these youngsters' stuff which is not much taken seriously as "most people" might give less value to younger than to elder. However, young people may do better than them if they have a good training.) This competition probably is the route of the better future soccer team if they would have a chance to win since we could have good younger players for the National team if there are a lot of opportunities like this for children to show their talents. Any soccer fan please give them supports by any means you wish to do.......(contact me if you wish to give some financial for them hehehe...I'll keep it safe for this matter!!! Okie Just a joke. Anyway, just pray for this team and other Cam soccer teams to get"A Good Chance")

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i love also GREENDAY, they,re my idol!!!!!!!!