Tuesday, June 19, 2007

No place like home...

Hmm....miss home. Reading 0ne paper makes me feeling homesick, especially miss my mum when she gives me money. Yea...I am not too bad! right? A good son must be like that...I'll go home soon. I just want to dedicate this writing to my mum and other mums around the world too.

If I Run, I Cannot Hide
By: Kern Lee (13-05-07 Mother’s Day)

If I run, I cannot hide.
If I lie, I have a guilty smile.
“If I…If I…Mama’s right.”
I honor her now for awhile!

She knows when I’m naughty,
She sees my big guilty grin,
Eye’s behind her head so aptly,
“Put it down, you know it’s sin!”

My wow to all Mama’s out there,
Who’ve seen the good, bad and ugly,
Each child you treat so fair and square,
Bless you for living with all the smelly!

To my mama, I love you so true,
When I’m down you pick me up,
Times I try and try to face the blue,
You’re my wisdom beyond a doubt!


Y.S.P. said...

yeah, man. I miss home so much, too. What I miss most is my mom's cooking. She's always so happy to have me back home. And I'm always so very happy to be back home...

dms_davy said...

You are right, i'm so lucky cause even i didnt go home this year still my mum is with me... m so glad! hope you feel better!

youngster said...

yeah feel happy too...mum is the best haha...