Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Elder Vs. Youger....

Liverpool Fan ( free-charged striker)

Man Utd Fan( National striker)

Oh goodness! I cant go to support my brother as I told myself that I would go to see him. But now I am really sorry to you. I am lying myself. Oh how many times a u lying yourself man...? No I don't have time. Don't give an excuse! However, hope you are fine man and play better even though I haven't met you and haven't given you some advice and techniques before you start your match. Hehe... I am proud of myself a bit although I am not in the national team like him. But talking about football to me, it's my pastime and my soccer skill is not that bad if you're happened to see while I am playing...:) I could teach him my trick and techniques that I have been playing for almost 11 years.

Last time I used to play with him but I felt I didn't show him much about my skills. Actually, this kid plays sometimes better than me but it's not really cos I just give him some motivation during a playing so that he could feel good for next time. But after that I wouldn't let him feel good for so long cos it might be not good for the long term. Then I try to make him more challenge, so I play harder and harder with him. Also he and I are the opposite football fan. He fans of Man Utd whereas I support my favorite team--Liverpool. In this sense, whenever there is a match between these two teams, we normally have a speech quarrel but not fighting.
Every time we play football together; it will be a hard time!

I remembered one time he was very angry to me and might think that I am not a good brother. Yeah playing the same team, he and I are the strikers as he goes left and I go right. This kid is a bit proud of himself to show off his skills in the field but playing football is not only one who can make it successful. Of course, he's too young to know; he just believe in himself. Then when I played at that time, I didnt pass the ball to him to shoot; I shot alone all the time and it made him feel very angry. So our team couldn't play well even though I tried to play well. we lost at last for the first round. I tried to explain him playing together dude! he refused to listen then I kicked him off to another team. I changed him with another small kid. I said you will lose kid and he said let's see. Then I rearranged my teams and we played accordingly. Then in the end we won lolz.... Show him that Dont be too much confident because for some time we need to work together and for some time we can work alone , so we need to make sure when it is. He still is young but now I hope he may understand. Anyway, I like to tell my trick also that I have learned from my favorite soccer players like Micheal Owen, David Backham. Yeah I am really addicted to football. But now I dont have much time to practice it.


nam souhiek said...

really good brother ha..

teach him by that way..


youngster said...

sure absolutely good...hahaha........