Sunday, June 10, 2007

The story is not end......

(Frightening eyes.....)
Continuing from the sound was happening….it’s as usual. Guess what? It’s all about my guitar sound that I play every morning n practice it everyday singing along with my salty voice (so sorry with my neighbors). On that day, My head was just full of something I don’t know why maybe due to sleeping so late for 2 weeks….However, in the morning after drinking water a little more, I had a feeling to write something down which my third song. I decided to write in English even though my English is not much good. But I just practice it.
Actually, I spent one and half hour to complete it. By the way, this is just my third song writing.
My second one is in Khmer Language and it’s based on one Khmer novel which is the first novel I have ever read. Because of getting the feeling touching with the story, I have tried to make it a song. It may not be in standard form of song writing since I haven’t known about it at all; I just do it for my own standard(have fun with it…..) I haven’t had time to write it yet because it takes much time for me to write in Khmer Unicode and I’m lazy too. Every time I do, a lot of sweat is falling down. Nevertheless, I’ll post this 3rd song first for any feedback. Thanks for any help.

( No more frightening...but pls soam 1 roy...)
Well, here is the song.....

It called: I just don't understand

As I’m seeing a falling sky, you smile by my side.But I don’t see any cloudy sky and why my tear is flowing down like dropping rain. Walking by the river side, I tell myself I won’t cry anymore. It seems to be the same.
But I will let myself die in the attempt.
I don’t deny anything.

I Just don’t understand what life is gonna be cos’ everything you see seems to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable…….

Could you tell me what should I Do?
Even if everything seems to be free, I couldn’t see it even clearly. So please help me. Don’t worry I won’t easily give it up.

Can I ask you one question for free?
What is life supposed to be?
Even though it should be that way, will you say it won’t be….

I guess being a man is not easy yet the easiest thing is not for the man.
What you should do is believing in yourself
and following where your dreams are going to.
But I still just don’t understand.
And I say it I just don’t understand.

So please wait for a while.
Don’t be so shy to sit near by me
Just to listen what I’m trying to end
Life ain’t always beautiful
Would you mind working, living , and sharing together?
I don’t mind……..

So, let’s start our dreams…………

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Vanna said...

Samuth if you can record your song and post it, that would be great!..
you know I also love guitar..just that I haven't got the time.

I'm planning to have a guitar course next month when i say bye-bye to IFL's final exam.