Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sport News...

(Captain of the team)

Today I just receive new from my youngest brother that he arrives home safely and has some good news even though it's not much better. He told me about his match. Totally, his team got number 2 at last. And the number 1 is Indonesia. Here the briefly report:
Cam 7- 1 Austria
Cam 5-1 Phillipines
Cam 2-0 VN
Cam 1-0 Laos
1-1 Singapore
0-0 Myama
o-4 Thailand
0-2 Malay
0-4 Indonesia

Okie, Hopefully they have tried their best. Anyway if I went to meet my brother maybe it could be better than that...hehehaha:D Good work!
Keep it up!!! Do the best man....

Haha, they are now having a party while I'm also having a party alone to cheer him up by forcing myself to buy one big bottle of Pepsi for a week:) and enjoying movies alone with a quiet room, echoing the happiness of them too. Yeah, I'll be happy though. Enjoy it.....


Vanna said...

That's a great news!!!
I'm really proud of Khmer team.
Though we get 2nd, seeing each match result really make me happy and proud of Khmer.

If i saw how they goal, I would be sure it was more amazing than going to Ronan Keating concert.

I wish I were at the stadium cheering for them.

Hey Samuth, what is the name of the match?

Vanna said...

Opps..just read your old post:
"Southeast Asian Football Festival Competition". (=0

Y.S.P. said...

Wow man. That's a wonderful news. Big big congrats to them all. They've done us proud... Hopefully, they'll keep it up and we'll be top. Tell your bro he's done a great job, man... (he's following his big bro's footsteps, hehe)...

youngster said...

Hah nice to hear ur voice Vanna. Thanks for ur support. act, i should have been there but i missed it. that's a big regret. But anyway, they have done great job...

Yeah Panha I'll tell him to keep it up n do better for next time. By the way I should have shared him my tricks n techniques lolz hehehe.....

M|O|N|I|V|A|N|N said...

Wow... That's a really good news man! Say congratulation to your brother, ok?
Our team will soon appear in the world cup!

youngster said...

yeah sure man hope to see one day we have chance to walk into the world cup field. And I dont think we should expect too high. Just keep improving on what we have now n thinking of Asian standing first; then if possible dream of world cup haha.....I wont miss it if it were Cam team... Pls Cheer up. Cheer Up!!!