Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A man......

Time is likely to run so fast that I could not follow for some time since I am still walking. And also time makes me miss something that I don't know in ma life. Why time you never stop? And why you have so only 24 hours a day? But if you have more than that I might be worse than before, so it's better to have only 24 h. Well, for these days I don't know what's wrong with me. Once time I did message and call my family but I couldn't hear anything from them. What's happening there? Why you leave me alone? I know you don't want me to be bothered with those things and don't want me to put hard on ma life but I feel it's not a good idea. At least you should tell me what's going on. I'd like to know and to help if I can. Why should I be ignored?

Sometimes you used to think I might be a strong man but I maybe not if I'm alone. I want to hear from you or see your smiles even get your good words to give me more strengths. I probably do good when I have these. If you touch my heart, you always hear sound as usually beating. And if you ask me do you hurt? Yeah, I'm hurting since a man always has a heart with pain, sadness, happiness together. Silently, you think a man could cry. Yeah of cos, a man also know how to cry but when he cries he doesn't want somebody to see him crying( he cries in silence). Is crying bad for a man? No it's not! As I remember one author saying, crying is for both man and woman. When cry it's just to relieve your pains. If you feel it can help, why not cry? This is just what I interpret from her view. I also do agree with her idea.

Anyway, hope you all do good and enjoy your life. I have only this song that I've practiced with my guitar. It's one of my favorite songs, called " Here without you". If I could not sing beautifully, I just want you to hear my heart.

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c ",)~davy said...

hik hik ç__ç your word make me laught until the tear fall from my eyes, not bad hahha... thanks u!