Monday, October 8, 2007

Some thoughts students shd take a look.....

These bellow reasons are some facts that most students are sleeping late or probably less per day.

Reason Number 1: With the heavy school load and tight project deadlines, it is no wonder students nowadays have to burn midnight oil just to complete the assignments.

Reason Number 2:
Exam and more exam. Tests and more tests. Students are staying up late to revise for their papers, thus, turning in late.

Reason Number 3:
The power of highly addictive computer games! Some students are so engrossed in their games that they are willing to forsake their sleep time.

Reason Number 4:
Students today are so hooked up with the Internet and Instant Messaging that sometimes, unknowingly, they use the computer till the wee hours.

Reason Number 5:
They are so used to sleeping late that they can’t turn in early!

sleep is important part of our daily lives. We would not be able to function well without sleeping properly. However, many people, especially youths, do not get enough of it. The results are not positive. With lack of sleep, many things are affected such as our mental, physical, and emotional well-being. All of these things are vital to be a good student because without it, how can you study, do well on an exam or participate in discussions? Without enough sleep our behavior will change making us worse students.

Of course we all need to get enough sleep. So relax, exercise, playing sports and schedule our study time well. For me these days, I don't feel I have a proper time management. My reasons are simply that watching YouTube so much, wasting time for nothing like too much daydreaming after 21 years old, lack of study plan. These lead me to sleeping problem and maybe other troubles also. Seriously speaking, I have to change this bad habit and try to make a plan and set my time properly. As I still remember, if you fail to make a plan, then you plan to fail. And now it makes me more worried. Come on guy, you need to take a step forward.....otherwise, you are still you and me is still me, Youngter talking to Samuth. First of all I need to get proper sleep and then start doing other things according to plan:).

Oh most often I listen to one song called Wake me Up when September ends but now I turn to listen another lyric of my own which is Wake me up When 7 am. By the way, I wanna thank to ma friend who helps me to kick ma a** out of ma bed since I'm just trying to change my sleeping habit n also I don't trust the alarm clock. He is the one who wakes me up when 7 am:) Many thanks dude! You've influenced me not only on my study but on some sports like PS2 soccer( I'm now going to another level but still need to practice more). If you wonder who is him, let me introduce. He is one of the gentlemen in the list. He probably is number 1 and for me I got only number 2 after him:) So just test me first whether this is true or not if you don't believe, and then no need to test him. You just go directly to him but first contact me; it is just a suggestion!

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